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Reference Series


Grand Reference 1800, 1.8metres tall.                Reference 1600, 1.6metres tall.

Specifications and Dimensions:

Sensitivity. 96dB @ 1metre, 2.83volts input.
Power handling 150 watts RMS (long term)
Crimped metal ribbon type.
Twin 180mm SEAS woofers, custom made
specifically for Ambience loudspeakers.
Rear ported bass reflex design.
Nominal impedance 4 ohms.
Crossover 3rd order @ 420Hz
Minimum amplifier power 10 watts RMS/channel.
Ideal Amplifier power 30-70 watts RMS/channel.
* Specifications subject to change without notice
Both our Reference models incorporate the Ambience ribbon driver, which has proven to be extremely reliable and robust.
They have a natural tendency to “ramp” off at frequencies above 18KHz, without the use of electronic filter networks, adding coloration and distortion.
These ribbon hybrid loudspeakers boast an extremely high efficiency specification of 96dB, which use extremely powerful neodymium “rare earth” magnets.
The magnets form the main integral part of the engine that creates the sound.
They produce five times the acoustical output energy as our standard series with the same rated amplifier input power.
To match the high efficiency levels of the ribbon driver, we’ve had to employ double woofer arrangement in the bass section to create the low frequency output.
Marrying these two varying technologies together, a complex 18dB/Octave crossover has been specially designed utilizing “Hovland” capacitors from the U.S. These capacitors are renowned for being the finest available in the world.
The crossover point is performed at a frequency less sensitive to the human ear; thus cannot be distinguished.
Internal cabling is also sourced from the U.S company “Analysis Plus”; this company is rapidly gaining reputation for being one of the finest cable manufacturers within the industry.
The resulting combination is a speaker system that has incredible DYNAMICS, REALISM and coupled with CLARITY that only Ribbon or Electrostatic loudspeakers can produce.
The soundstage is huge, and being of di-polar type design, create a three dimensional sound field.
Because of their gradual ramp downward tendency at the upper most frequencies, listening is very smooth and relaxing, even when operated at high volume levels!
Their high efficiency makes them suitable for amplifiers with very low output power ratings of 10 watts, to a maximum continuous power output rating of 150 watt RMS /channel.
With large amplifiers, extreme sound pressure levels are achievable.

The Reference 1600 model have upward firing bass drivers, which gives them excellent ability to perform under any situation, irrespective of room influences and positioning. A loudspeaker that is very versatile.
The Reference 1800 model creates a huge “soundstage” and performs at their best in larger rooms.

Warmth, Encompassing, Surrounding. Hence the name: AMBIENCE!