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Centre Speaker

Ambience Ribbon Centre Channel.

Specifications and Dimensions:

Crimped Metal Ribbon.

2 x 150 mm SEAS woofers.
Not magnetically shielded.
Nominal impedance 4 ohms.
Crossover 12 & 6dB/Octave @ 500Hz.
Power handling 150 watts RMS.
Ideal Amplifier power 30 – 150 watts RMS.
Sensitivity 96dB @ 1 metre with 2.83 volts input.
Dimensions 130cm wide x 27cm tall x 13cm deep
* Specifications subject to change without notice.
Extremely high efficient full range Ribbon Hybrid type.
Primarily designed for large screen projection home theatre applications and used in conjunction with a sub woofer.
Suitable for all Audio formats, including Dolby digital, True HD, THX, DTS & DTS-HD formats.